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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q. Will there be somewhere I can leave my bag?

A. Yes your bag/belongings will be secure while you are running but it's advisable not to bring valuables and you leave them at your own risk.


Q. Can I get changed there?

A. It's possible but everybody arrives changed.


Q. What if everyone is faster than me, will I be running alone?

A. We have four speed groups. Some of our members can run marathons in less than 2hrs 30mins and some members will be doing a 5k for the very first time. The most important thing is that you enjoy it.


Q. Are there any costs at all to join the club?

A. The club is completely free. It's run by volunteers. To support the club we promote you to stick around after the run for a drink or two. This helps you to meet other members and helps us to keep a strong relationship with The Marquis of Wellington, who kindly house our club.


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Here's what some of our members have to say about the club.

Club Member - Sam Bourke

"When I joined City Runners I hadn't done any exercise before ... ever. I was the kid in class who managed to dodge PE every time. I spend most of my day sitting at a desk and as I entered my thirties was watching a lot of weight start to pile on. At first it took me around forty minutes to do the 6KM circuit. A year later I was able to do it in 27 minutes and did a half marathon in 1:48. I'm currently training for my first full marathon in May.

Some of my friends find it really funny that I'm suddenly into fitness and very different to the slightly overweight thirty year old I was in 2011.

I owe it all to City Runners, the community is really supportive and friendly and have made exercise accessible to me in a way that it never was before."

Sam Bourke


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